VAMLAS - Vammaisten lasten ja nuorten tukisäätiö SR

Vammaisten lasten ja nuorten tukisäätiö (Support Foundation for Disabled Children and Young People) is a non-profit organisation that works for the equal opportunities and social participation of disabled children and youth. The organisation was founded in 1889 to promote educational and employment opportunities for children and youth with disabilities. Vamlas works as a source of support and aid, a service provider and developer, a researcher and a socio-political influencer. The foundation has a housing unit that specialises in providing housing service (about 20-person staff) for students with physical disabilities and supports them in accomplishing their studies, everyday life management, and transfer to working life. The central office and development unit (about 10-person staff) is in charge of operating development, research and educational activities. The main focuses of these activities are service development and social participation support for disabled children and their families, and educational and employment support for disabled youth.

Our mission is to guarantee active social agency for all children and young people in our society. We want to secure an equal service system and equal opportunities in leisure time, education and working life for disabled children and youth. The viewpoints that inform our work come from different research projects, our own residents, and our wide network of partner NGO organisations. In our work we continually address the issues and challenges that disabled children, young people and their families face in different life areas. 

Main objectives of Vamlas:

  • Inclusion is increased in organisations, educational institutions and working life
  • Innovative solutions and new approaches increase the involvement of our target group and the visibility of their social positions
  • The voices of our target group are heard and their opportunities to grow into independent and active agents of their own lives are improved

Objectives are implemented by:

  • Development projects:
  1. Employment projects: focus on employers / business networks /job creation,    recruitment processes
  2. Family projects: focus on to improve the service system and inclusion of families with disabled children
  • Lobbying and influencing legislation and attitudes and discussion
  • Scholarships and stipends for hobbies, studying etc.
  • Networking with NGO's and families to drive common goals
  • Supporting research
  • Training of professionals (i.e. in job carving)
  • Events for families, professionals, young people
  • Summer camps for children

Inclusive Housing service for students

  • 21 flats in a regular students residence
  • Residents furnish their own flats, pay their rent, cook their food etc.
  • Vamlas staff provides help 24/7, short reply times
  • Activities among the students of the house