Valo-Valmennusyhdistys is a national non-profit organization, politically and religiously nonaligned and a strong actor in the work for the most vulnerable young people or young adults. Valo-Valmennusyhdistys was founded in 2016 by four regional associations, which all are working towards building inclusion in society. We are all together over 50 experts, as e.g. youth workers, social workers, teachers, working in Valo-Valmennusyhdistys. We have already now developed rich national and international co-operation network. In these networks we have several developing projects to find new solutions to the challenges, that our clients have.

Our mission is to support, guide and train some of the most vulnerable members of the society to reach good, ordinary life, where their goals in areas of health and well-being, employment, housing and family/friends have been achieved. As well we are developing operating models to support the client's access to inclusion and agency. Our aim is to support the realization of human rights, especially children's rights, in everyday life, both as freedom and responsibilities. The goal is to empower our clients to become active citizens, with a clear understanding of how they can influence matters when needed. We are improving access to training, employment, wellbeing and participation in the society. The goals of Valo-Valmennusyhdistys have been achieved when a young or young adult has found his or her own adult agency and participation.

Our main target group is young adults, under the age of 29 years, but in some activities, we have no age limits. Using applied sciences and research there is continuously evaluation and developing of the practices for new ways of working, that supports clients and develops our processes. We are developing informal as well nonformal learning environments and validation of skills/competences. For instance, in KEIJO -project, we develop a new long-period rehabilitative education model for ex-offenders and people with drug addictions. The model is based on becoming Expert by Experience and its aim is to improve participants´ employment and education pathways.

Our organization has several active development projects related to themes: Improving inclusion in society, validation of skills/competences in to the ECTs and further on to vocational qualification modules and full qualifications, learning paths and skills building for young adults in vulnerable, ex-offenders and people in recovery, improving basic (reading, writing, maths, IT...) skills and well-being competencies. 

Our operating models are:

  •  Valo-Valmennus -training model

Valo-Valmennus is meant for people, who want to improve their job readiness and complete vocational qualification modules through practical work. Learning takes place in real life working environments, completing real tasks, supported by a coach. The model is used in over 100 organisations across Finland.

  • Youth Guarantee House

The Youth Guarantee House concept brings together different youth services. We are using the methods and ethos of youth work based on the idea of human rights education. The aim is to offer holistic support at the right time to young people at risk of exclusion from society. Young people not in education or in statutory services are offered one to one support. In the long term, the aim is to offer opportunities and solutions in transitioning to education or employment. There are four functioning Youth Guarantee Houses in different cities in Finland.

  • Towards ordinary life

Towards ordinary life- model offers rehabilitation and training to offenders at different phases of their release. The aim is to support ex-offenders to move towards education and employment. From the releasing offenders' point of view, this model provides a genuine opportunity to change their lifestyle towards "ordinary life".