Ogólnopolska Federacja na rzecz Rozwiązywania Problemu Bezdomności 

Ogólnopolska Federacja na rzecz Rozwiązywania Problemu Bezdomności (Polish National Federation for Solving the Problem of Homelessness) is a national umbrella organisation gathering national, regional and local entities involved in combating homelessness and housing exclusion. It was established in 2013 and registered as a union of associations (umbrella organisation) in 2016. The Federation currently has 24 members including nationwide service providers, such as St. Brother Albert's Aid Society and Monar, and regional/local organisations. 

The aim of the Federation is to prevent and mitigate the negative effects of poverty and housing exclusion among people threatened with homelessness or experiencing homelessness by stimulating and facilitating cooperation of all entities engaged in supporting homeless people in Poland and by influencing social policies in the area of solving homelessness.

The above aim is implemented by:

  • establishing a platform of communication, exchange of experiences and cooperation between the members of Federation and other entities working in the area of homelessness,
  • advocacy of members' interests, as well as interests of homeless people, by addressing the parliament, the government, the local authorities and the general society,
  • lobbying for effective legislation in the area of solving homelessness,
  • proposing, reviewing and supporting implementation of policies, strategies and programmes preventing and combating homelessness, supporting social reintegration of homeless people and implementing standards of support for homeless people,
  • promoting interdepartmental cooperation and local partnerships,
  • education and research in the area of combating homelessness,
  • social communication including events, campaigns and debates,
  • promoting innovative solutions in combating homelessness.

The Federation is forbidden to conduct any activities in the area of direct support for homeless people that would be a multiplication or competition to its members' support activities (i.e. shelter and housing services).